Light Spirit is a long established centre for Sound Therapy (based on Tibetan medicine), Vibrational medicine and education in spiritual understanding and developement. Our centre has been conducting training units for over 20 years, where a few thousand students participated. It is supervised by a Psychologist, who has been specializing in general Psychologie, Sound Therapy and Vibrational medicine/psychology.

We have a deep commitment to teach with a broad understanding that is not only based on scientific and historic knowledge, but includes integrity and an intuitive yet realistic approach. We teach our students not only to think with their brains, but with their hearts and souls.

We ask all our students to attend Sound Treatment Training level 1&2, before they can enter any other advanced training unit or workshop. In those two levels we share the philosophy and meaning of sound treatments. In those two levels you learn also how to apply a basic Sound Treatment for relaxation (level 1) and a specific treatment to improve and cleanse chakra activity (level 2).

Level 1&2 Basics

Level 1 (10 hours):

IIn level 1 we introduce you into Tibetan and Buddhist philosphy and how we can use it to serve our clients by applying a meaningful treatment with that understanding. Such a treatment allows our clients to come into a state of deep relaxation, which helps them to restore the natural self-healing abilities of the body and allows them to listen to the “voice within”.

Level 2 (10 hours):

In level 2 we deepen our understanding for the work with the channels of the body and how to we can integrate this understanding to enhance the flow of channels and chakras according to Tibetan medicine . We learn to interpretate our clients constitution and situation during the treatment. This training may cause major shifts in the physical, emotional and spiritual levels of aclient (and even the student)

Level 3&4

Sound Treatment Training Level 3 (12 hours):

Entry requirement: Successfully finished Level 1and 2 and given at least 50 treatments. In this level you learn how todiagnose the chakras through feeling them (similar to Reiki or PranicHealing) and learn how to make creative treatments. From this level on we prefer our students to have a creative and free approach toimprove the vibrational body with Sound. This is a creative andintuitive level, where we mostly focus on how to use our intuition asguidance for applying a meaningful and effective Sound Treatment.

Sound Treatment Training Level 4 (12 hours):

Basic Counselling through understanding of Tibetan Buddhism and application of advanced Sound Therapy from Level 3and a deepenedexploration of the meaning of the Sound Treatments and how we can give meaningful interpretations. This leads into a counselling of our clients in a way different from any other approach known in psycho therapy, psychology or spiritual counselling. Level 4 is therefore a various step programme to finally be able to give recomendations according to an holistic understanding, based on Christianity (and Buddhism).

Spezialised Training

Sound Therapist Specialization (12 hours):

Those, who intend to work as Tibetan Sound Therapists, may want to deepen their knowledge in various specific fields. In that spezialized training programme we teach how to apply a Tibetan Gong bath, treat pain and various other ailments like Parkinson and related neurological disorders. We also teach how to apply a treatment to harmonzie couples and how a Sound treatment can help to improve mental stability.