Tibetan Sound Therapist Training

Our mission

We are an over two decades long established training centre for Sound Therapy (based on Tibetan energy system), Vibrational medicine/Psychology and spiritual understanding and developement. Our treatment tools and philosophy serve only the purpose of raising an understanding of who we are and why we live. We aim to provide guidance to all who search to understand themselves and others. We also understand that only a path of trust, integrity and compassion for one another shows that understanding. We therefore encourage our students to live with integrity and compassion. We aim to help our students in finding their direction.

Sound Treatments may contribute to helping understand ourselves as well as others. We see the interaction that happens between the bowls and the body as a possibility of listening to ourself. Through that interaction, the sound that emanates we may call “the voice of the soul”. Listening to our Soul promotes understanding, peacefulness and compassion, which we understand as healing. If we listen well and deeply we might be able to release the 3 poisons mentioned in Tibetan Philosophy: Attachment, Hatred and Delusion.

In our classes, we teach how vibrations of our body are connected to our way of thinking and our spiritual understanding. We create links to Christianity (and Buddhism) to see the similarity of the voice of our soul and some of these religious teachings. We also try to explore how we can understand vibrational activity through the laws of physics. Nevertheless at the end we see our treatments as deeply spiritual.

Once we know, who we are and what is the purpose of our life, we feel no seperation and are willing to share holeheartedly with others. Focusing on others is the first step to experience the boundaries we have been setting up. We need to learn, that the biggest illusion is seperation.

Should you feel drawn to continue you journey with us, we are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Fields of our Expertise


We integrate modern academic psychology into our training. It does matter to consider behaviour, psychologic conditioning and mental predispositions in a well applied Therapy.

Tibetan medicine

Integrating this ancient medicine allows to see everything through the perspectives of the elements on earth. From the humors and elements we can understand the psychological and spiritual challenges a person has to face.

Vibrational medicine

Sound Therapy is working through the laws of physics and bioelectrics. Those laws give us to understand, how Sound treatments work and how we can use this understanding to achieve harmonious vibrational activity. 

Spiritual understanding

When we use all understandings of Psychology, Physics, Bioelectrics and Medicine, we are still left with what causes those laws and what causes the imbalances. Here spiritual understanding and application of this understanding contributes to a holistic approach.

Happy to serve!

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